About Us

Welcome to EMS Air Services of NY, Inc. 

EMS Air Services is a FAA part 135 operator, conveniently located in Canandaigua, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region, standing by ready to meet your private air charter needs.

Here are just a few of the advantages of flying with EMS Air Services:

Safe – Safety is always at the forefront of our decisions.  Our aircraft are professionally maintained under our Federal Aviation Administration approved maintenance program.  Our pilots are Airline Transport rated professionals that have the experience and judgment to complete your trip safely and effectively.

Flexible – We will fly you according to your schedule.  You choose when to depart and when to return.  If your plans change, there’s no need to worry, we will accommodate your change of plans.

Privacy and Comfort – Enjoy the privacy and comfort of private charter services.  It’s your choice, sit back and relax or take a business meeting during your trip.

Fast & Timely – Because we are able to fly you to smaller airports, closer to your final destination, you will minimize ground travel to and from the airport. There is no need to wait at ticket counters or baggage terminals; nor do you have to contend with flight delays or lost luggage. All of these factors combine to give you more time at your destination and less time away from your office.


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